Crisis Commuications - Awareness

Crisis Comms - AwarenessThis course is designed to give Senior Managers - or those responsible within a business for dealing with the press - an understanding of how the media will operate during a crisis. This could be either as a specific role in a response or as a spokesperson for the organisation.

It will draw on participants’ own experiences and concerns to provide practical advice and tips on how to get messages out and deal effectively with the media in a crisis.

It will cover the main phases of response from the press and include advice on how to manage them. It will also cover both the dangers and opportunities that come with dealing with the media.

The objectives of this training course are to provide participants with the ability to:
  • Understand how the Press will operate during a Crisis
  • Know how to deal with journalists more effectively
  • Learn about the main platforms that journalists will use including social media, radio and television
  • Learn how to write holding and press statements
  • Deliver a holding statement to camera
  • Produce an action plan for managing the Press during a Crisis

This one-day interactive and practical workshop is lead by Anna Averkiou on behalf of Horizonscan Ltd in partnership with the Fire Service College for its School of Resilience (SoR) arm.

Location: The Fire Service College, Moreton-on-Marsh, Gloucestershire, UK
Dates:  Tuesday 16 June, 2020
             Tuesday 17 November, 2020

For further details, fees & booking contact:
Fire Service College
Tel: +44 (0)1608 812984