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New partnership for risk and reputation management in Cyprus

QuadPrime Cyprus Ltd, the independent risk, compliance and resilience company, on Monday (2 September) announced it has partnered with crisis communications specialists, Anna Averkiou Media Ltd, to expand its range of resilience and crisis management services in Cyprus and the region.

This new strategic collaboration will enable QuadPrime to offer clients Crisis Media Strategy, training and advice to enable them to communicate effectively in the event of the unexpected.

Pantelis Angelides Col“I’m very excited to join forces with Anna Averkiou Media in Cyprus,” said QuadPrime CEO and Founder, Pantelis Angelides. “We support our clients to manage risks and protect their hard-earned value. Unfortunately, the risk landscape today is expanding as emerging risks related to technology and the cyber space increasingly lead to crises and disasters which undermine an organisation’s value. We see how these crises are played out in the media and organizations not only need to be prepared to deal with the unexpected effectively, they need to be able to respond quickly and appropriately to avoid a PR disaster that could negatively impact their reputation, and their future business viability.

“Anna’s experience both as a journalist and consultant around the world will be invaluable in helping us to help our clients to communicate well and provide reassurance about how they are dealing with a crisis.”
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Ms Averkiou said, “I am delighted to be working with QuadPrime - we share the same strong values, ethics and attitudes to customer support and how we conduct business. 

“The media landscape has changed beyond recognition – and Cyprus is no exception, with increasing numbers of news outlets and international media interest in the island’s politics, its extensive ex-pat community and tourism. Bad news travels very fast and as a journalist, I’ve seen first-hand what can happen if an organisation is unprepared for the inevitable media storm in a crisis. We can show clients how to do this.”

QuadPrime is a boutique consulting and training agency based in Nicosia that specializes in Risk Management, Regulatory Compliance and Business Resilience planning. A team of highly skilled professionals help organizations protect their value through managing threats and risks and preparing for all sorts of emergencies.

logoTo find out more about QuadPrime’s Crisis Media services in Cyprus, please contact Mr Pantelis Angelides on +35799697970 or email.