"Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets"
(Napoleon Bonaparte)

Crisis Media & Reputation Management

Some things happen in life that can change your business forever – not all of them good – and bad  news travels fast.

Would you be able to react quickly if a journalist turned up on your doorstep wanting a comment on a crisis affecting your organisation? In today's 24-hour media environment it’s vital to be prepared and become the trusted source of information about the situation rather than leaks and conjecture via the internet and social networks.

The temptation to bury heads in the sand, refuse to comment – or just read a bland statement and hope it all goes away won’t work anymore and you will be judged by how well (or badly) you are seen to react in the media spotlight.

Our bespoke workshops and talks will help prepare you and your organisation to communicate quickly, effectively and appropriately to protect your reputation and business when you find yourself in a crisis situation.
Using engaging, dynamic and fun formats, you'll use your own real life experiences and issues to provide context and put what you learn to practical use with sustainable strategies.
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"Anna was commissioned to assist our teams in emergency planning and communications training for both our senior management and Directors. Anna’s ability to create scenarios in a training environment but with the intensity required for crisis management role play is superb. We always look forward to working with Anna and her team and we cannot recommend her highly enough."
Patrick O'Keefe, The O'Keefe Group
"Anna tailored training to fit the brief given and covered a lot of material in a short space of time."
Daria Hollinshead, Novartis
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